Painting by Eric

Knit or Clean House??

That is the question! To complete my Business Casual sock or get rid of the dust and dirt? Well, cleaning won out this time. I’m not the world’s worst house cleaner, but far the best. In my defense I really did win the “Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow” award in 1962 when I was a senior at North Clarion High School in Leeper, Pennsylvania! (Full disclosure — it was a written test, not a practical application.) My Mother was a superb house keeper and she worked full-time and she had seven kids. I have no idea how she did it, except that she would work at it half the night. My sisters and I now call that — Doing a Helen — and we generally avoid it!

But today I had to at least dust, clean the kitchen up and tidy up the bathrooms. But today was different — today I had NORWEXIA!

That’s what my niece Colleen calls it and she is so right on! She introduced me to NORWEX products and they are awesome. The Norwex mission statement reads, “Improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.” And they mean it. In addition, I did the dusting, kitchen and bathrooms (2.5) in no time at all.

I didn’t take photos of the kitchen and bathroom cleanings (who wants to see that!), but they’re sparkling and I only used water, the Norwex Blue Diamond All-in-One Bathroom Cleaner (no odor!), two Enviro Cloths (one for kitchen and one for bathrooms, and a Window Cloth. I can’t wait to get my Bathroom Scrub Mitt (it’s on order) to help out with this!

I did take photos of the dusting. Honestly, I don’t dust often, but I did hire a guy to clean about a month ago. He did a lousy job even by my standards! He won’t be coming back. But today I used my Norwex Dusting Mitt (all surfaces), a damp Enviro Cloth (for light switches, phones, remotes, and the stuck on stuff  - you know, the “how the hell did that get there?” stuff), the Envirowand with  the Telescopic Mop Handle and the Rubber Brush. I went from one end of the house to the other and dusted EVERYTHING in no time at all!!

First of all, I have really high ceilings and get lots of cobwebs — gone! Then I have a huge oil painting (Driftwood painted by my favorite son-in-law, Eric, a master with oils) on the wall above my piano –

Painting by Eric
Painting by Eric

The top of the frame is way too high to get the dust, but check this out –

Envirowand  with Mop Handle
with Mop Handle

And the results –

Dust on the Wand --Not on the Piano!
Dust on the Wand –Not on the Piano!

Then –

Rubber Brush -- Dust All GONE!
Rubber Brush — Dust All GONE!

When I was finished with the cleaning, I rewarded myself with a bit of Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel (chamomile, arnica, etc.) –

Really, this is "Ahhh....." in a bottle!
Really, this is “Ahhh…..” in a bottle!

… and of course, a little knitting!

An Addendum to My Stash Rules

As you may remember I have a list of rules about purchasing new yarn in order to control my stash and my budget! Last week I amended the rules for non-inclusion to allow the purchase of yarn for projects already in my queue. But there is another circumstance that I need to allow for that I had not anticipated would arise — the purchases of yarn in a foreign country.

New rule:  Yarn may be purchased anytime one is traveling in a foreign country, provided that a pattern is also purchased and the resulting kit is immediately added to one’s Ravelry queue.

Therefore, I now have the following kits in my queue:

Cable Collar Kit
Cable Collar Kit
Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves
Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves
Dot Grid Socks
Dot Grid Socks

The kits were purchased at The Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had to use my passport to get there; therefore, under the new rules, this SANJOSILK yarn qualifies to be in my stash! Yahoo!! (OMG! I LOVE this SILK and wool yarn — to die for!)

Couch Potato Blanket

The Couch Potato Blanket (30 Dec 2013 – 20 Oct 2014)

Finished… done… a wrap… all in… over…

all  over… completed… concluded… consummated… depleted… worn out…

exhausted… used up… accomplished… done in… done up…

ended… executed… fulfilled… depleted… spent… succeeded… terminated… through…used up…

accomplished… achieved… concluded… created… ended… made… produced… wrapped up…

The Couch Potato  and His Blankie
The Couch Potato and His Blanket

AND… he likes it!

PS. Anyone need 10 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Co. Coffee Beenz, color 9045? I over estimated!!!


Couch Potato Blanket

Just Git-R-Done!

My usual modus operandi is to have about four or five projects on needles at the same time, switching from one to another depending on my mood and how much of any one needle size my hands will tolerate!

  • A sock on a size 1 circular (thanks to Socks with Sarah!),
  • 1 or 2 medium-sized projects (hats, mittens, scarves, cowls),
  • 1 or 2 larger projects (sweater, shawl, blanket).

And of course 35 to 45 projects in the queue, about a third of which are in project bags with the pattern, yarn and maybe even the needles!

But for some reason I currently have only two projects actually on the needles — KAL #8 Business Casual Socks

Business Casual Socks
Business Casual Socks

and the Couch Potato Blanket for my husband.

Couch Potato Blanket
Couch Potato Blanket

I think I know the  reasons for just pushing forward with these two right now:

  1. I always have a pair of socks going (and I LOVE this pattern!).
  2. The blanket is actually a christmas present I gave to Jerry in 2013!! Yikes, I’ve got to get this sucker done!!

Every time I looked at it just hibernating in the knitting closet, I felt guilty for not working on it. I had lots of excuses, but basically it came down to this — it’s a boring knit. So I figured that the only way I’d ever complete it was to just go for it. I’m almost done. About 6 more inches to go and I feel like the Little Engine Who Could!

As soon as I finish the blanket, I’m starting Kent’s Grey Cabled Vest and Michelle Hunter’s Mystery KAL Namesake Cowl (Actually, when I start it will be no longer a mystery!) Or maybe I’ll do the Rutherford Hat, or the Entrelac Scarf, or Imagine When Shawl, or the Seahawks Socks, or the Two-tone Twill scarf, or the Linen Stitch Scarf, or …, or …, or ………… So much to knit…so little time….just git-r-done!


Corkscrew Mittens Knit with Love

Pattern:  Corkscrew Mitten by Michelle Hunter

Yarn: Simplicity by HiKoo in 01 White and 046 Red.

Matching mittens for my wonderful granddaughters –

Finn, first year student at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  –


Gabriella, grade 2 student at Lowell Elementary, Bellingham, WA


Love and hugs,