Socks for Big Foot Birdman

I’m knitting socks for Big Foot Birdman. Most of the sock is in Plymouth Yarn’s Diversity (shades of brown) with the cuff, heel and toe in CoBaSi (brown and tan). I had to frog the entire heel flap, turn and gusset due to gross errors and negligence! But this morning I stuck with it and made it back to 72 stitches and the beginning of the BIG foot! Birdman has big feet, so I’ll be knitting in the round for a bit. Now if I could just get up the energy to clean the house….I think I’ll knit for just a while longer…..


2 thoughts on “Socks for Big Foot Birdman

  1. Loved your post about knitting socks! I have been knitting for over 40 years (am only 39 years old and began knitting in utero – hee, hee – which would make you 42 years old) and have only done one pair of socks! After your post, I am thinking I need to explore this more! Love the magic loop so follows that I should like knitting socks!! In your next post, tell us some of your favorite sock yarns!! Would love to read about that!! 🙂


  2. Check out my latest post, “It’s All About the Yarn, Baby!” I’ve listed some of my favorite sock yarns. Socks using magic loop are awesome — try it; you’ll like it!


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