Obsessive Sock Knitter

Blue Striped Socks

You are either an obsessive sock knitter, or you’re not. There is no maybe here. Today, Sarah E. White’s blog, “Why I knit socks,” got me thinking about my reasons for becoming an obsessive sock knitter. All the usual reasons apply to me, too.

  • Portable:  I can take them anywhere — on a bus, on a plane, in a car, to an appointment. I can even take them to my knit group for those times when the conversation is so convoluted that I can only knit socks and listen at the same time.
  • Good conversation starter: Whenever I knit socks in public, people ask questions. What the heck is that? (Magic Loop socks) How do you get it to do that? (self-striping socks) Do you know you can buy socks at the mall? (bad socks suck)
  • New Techniques and Patterns: Socks are a great place to try out things without doing a whole thing — like a sweater, or scarf, or shawl. Someday I’ll get around to knitting a cable.

But mainly knitting socks boils down to just two reasons for me — it’s all about the yarn and Kitty, Baby! I am a self-confessed Yarn Hoar Snob (that’s short hand for a yarn hoarder who would sell herself for the good stuff). And last but not least, I want to knit socks better than Kitty.


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