It’s All About the Yarn, Baby!

Before I fell in love with knitting socks, I fell in love with sock yarn! I started knitting in the Fall of 2010 and I’ve knit eleven pair of socks! That’s 22 socks!! So far my favorite sock yarns are Cascade’s Heritage Silk Paints and Sweet Georgia, CoBaSi by Hikoo, and Plymouth Yarn’s Diversity. But I have two others in my stash that I’m dying to knit into socks — Opal yarn

Opal Sweet and Spicy Yarn


(looks like complicated color work when knit up) and Rowan Fine Art (I can’t keep my hands off this one!). I’ve used a couple other German yarns that made colorful socks and they were nice enough to knit, but didn’t have that WOW factor. Just so you don’t think that the only thing I knit are socks, in the bit less than three years that I have been knitting, I’ve completed over 58 projects. My husband, a retired drug and alcohol treatment administrator, is thinking of starting a group for compulsive knitters, a Knitters Anonymous. I told him that would be great as long as I can knit during the meetings!


7 thoughts on “It’s All About the Yarn, Baby!

  1. Thanks for your favorite sock yarns! I’ve started a list in case I ever get the sock bug!! Since becoming a first time Oma (German for grandmother), I am into knitting baby items. Definitely fun!! Just finished a cabled pair of booties done on the magic loop with Malabrigo Finito. Great yarn! Pattern can be purchased on Ravelry – Baby Tiger Booties. Maybe this will lead me into knitting socks!!


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