My Awesome Stash Closet!

My sister, Mary Helen or as we call her, Mern, is visiting from North Carolina. She is a primary teacher and Organizer Extraordinaire! She even travels with a label maker machine. Weeks before she arrived I told her that we needed to spend a day organizing my yarn stash and my knitting/sewing room (actually a walk-in closet!). She did her research via internet and Pinterest and came prepared to put everything in order. At this point I was very nervous — you see, Mern doesn’t knit; she doesn’t sew — and thinking what the heck have I gotten into!

Well, let me assure you that a great organizer can organize anything — even if she knows nothing about the stuff she is organizing! Check this out —

IMG_0504 Note that all my patterns are in binders, yarn is sorted by type and in bins, projects are lined up on hangers in a queue with yarn and pattern in the bag! My needles are in zip baggies by size (Thanks, Claudia!). All fabric is in bins, sewing supplies in organizers, and machine ready to go!

And, thanks to Mern (my wonderful “have label-maker, will travel” sister) everything is labeled! Any bets on how long I can keep it this organized???



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