Granddaughters, knitting needles and pianos

People often ask, “What do you do when you’re retired?” I’m not sure that composing a short list is possible, but here goes:

  • play dates with Gabby, traveling with Finn, shopping with both of them
  • all things Bubba:  hanging out, chores, playing the slots, cooking, birding, traveling….
  • talking/visiting/hanging out with the “kids,” (how did they get to be so old?)
  • knitting, Tuesday Morning Knit Group, Thursday Morning At Apple Yarn, knitting
  • reading, reading, reading
  • piano: taking lessons, practicing and just playing
  • exercising, lifting weights, walking the treadmill, yoga, riding exercise bike, using the balance ball, exercising
  • did I mention knitting?

When I retired I entered a sort of time warp. Work meetings, especially those with the school board, were tediously slow with 120-minute hours and 24-hour work days. But with retirement came warp speed. My hour-long piano lesson with Beth seems like five minutes and my 2-hour morning knit groups at Apple Yarns in Bellingham pass in the blink of an eye!! It’s got to be a time warp, right? or maybe a black hole? or maybe nirvana? Oh, well, I think I’ll knit a little longer.


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