An Imperfect knitter

Hello, my name is Gretchen and I’m an imperfect knitter. I didn’t start out to be this way. As a matter of fact, I’m a perfectionist in many other areas of life, but not in knitting. I know some perfect knitters — their projects never have twisted stitches, holes, off-pattern rows, random YO, or any such errors! They would frog an entire project and start over, or tink row after row to get to perfection. But me? I actually have a high standard for imperfect — if I think I can repair it with a knot here or there, I just keep knitting — especially when I don’t see the error until 10 rows after I made the mistake! Here is a great example in my Dream Stripes Shawl! If you look closely you’ll see not only the “hole” but some “Twisted Stitches” –I just call them my signature!



One thought on “An Imperfect knitter

  1. I just had one of those in a cowl I was making and you would never know it! I have learned the art of fixing mistakes. And, what I can’t fix, I have a friend who can. Never underestimate the power of a tapestry needle and a tiny piece of yarn!


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