When does a pattern become your own?

I recently finished a pair of Tuesday Morning Mittens for one of my granddaughters. They are super-warm, lined mittens. The pattern is available free at Apple Yarns. She also wanted a matching Ear Warmer / Head Band. I searched lots of patterns and ended up selecting the Meringue Headband – Ear Warmer by Crystal Palace Yarns. But it wasn’t lined. My knit group suggested “double knitting” in a way that the original K2, P2 pattern was on the outside and the lining was in stockinette. So I started the project that way, but quickly discovered two things: the knitting was tedious and I didn’t like the result. So time for Plan B. I decided to alter the pattern in many ways. I actually only kept the needle size, the # of stitches cast on and the K2, P2 pattern. I changed the type of CO and bind off, added a lining seamed using mattress stitch and joined into a round using the Kitchener Stitch. So here’s my question: When does this cease to be the Meringue Headband – Ear Warmer pattern and become the Lined Ear Warmer pattern?? Ear Warmer WIP


4 thoughts on “When does a pattern become your own?

  1. Lovely! I also usually link to a pattern on Ravelry and then if I’ve also been inspired by another pattern or someone’s extreme changes, I link that in the notes section. I think it’s helpful for others to see where your inspiration came from.


  2. The genera rule f thumb is, if you change three things it’s yours. If all you kept of the original pattern is the needle size, it’s most definitely yours. There is no copy right on k2, p2. Lastly, Good Job!


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