The Inconsistent Blogger

It’s been several weeks since I put fingers to keyboard to update this blog! I have no excuses other than traveling, family fun, knitting a lot, a “girl-friend retreat,” and life in general.

The last week of August we drove to Fort Macleod, Alberta, to visit friends and had a wonderful time. A movie was being filmed there – “Interstellar” starring Matthew McConaughey. The downtown area was covered with sand and giant fans to create a dust storm!IMG_0585

IMG_0578Couldn’t get close enough to see any actors!

I finished one sock IMG_0589and started its partner on that trip, as well as worked on my Dream Stripes Shawl.

The socks are now about 1.5 done and designated for my sister, Barbara; but the shawl has been totally frogged about 11 rows from the end!! I screwed up the lace edge and just couldn’t live with the multiple errors in the stripes! Then before I went on the “girl-friend retreat” I made a black scarf / shawlette that I love! IMG_0612By the way, that retreat was a blast!! Spent two days in Victoria with my sister, Barb, her best friend, Lynn, and my best friend, Pat. We stayed at The Empress Hotel, IMG_0619had High Tea at the hotel, IMG_0632walked Butchart Gardens for a day, IMG_0636and shopped — all the while laughing a lot! But of course, “what happened on Vancouver Island, stays on the Island!! LOL

So now time to get back to my usual schedule and cast on my Sunstruck Shawl!IMG_0595


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