Three Current Projects and Many More To Go!

Back in July when my sister helped me organize my stash closet, I promised I’d keep my yarn organized. Well, one stash buster sale and several yarn-horde frenzies later, I can’t say that it is exactly organized. It seems a waste of time to put them in the proper bins until I have a proper inventory or I’ll never really know what I have. My plan is to get it back to well-organized tomorrow! I’ve added a little bit of the yarn to my Ravelry stash and a few projects to my Ravelry queue, but I have lots to go and I keep saying, “Tomorrow!” Well, Maybe I’ll work on it a bit tonight.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s on my needles right now —

The first three sections of my Sunburst pattern shawl. I’m calling it Colorburst —

Colorburst Shawl

Socks for Duncan in Opal yarn — gotta love Opal!

Socks for Duncan

And a swatch for Finn’s sweater. I’m really worried about getting the size right!

Swatch for Sweater
Swatch for Sweater

7 thoughts on “Three Current Projects and Many More To Go!

  1. The door to the SUPPLY room was open this a.m. so i’m assuming you did organize. I took a chance and peeked in. Looked good, but I’m no Knit organization pro. 🙂


    1. You’re correct – the Yarn Room looks great. But you didn’t see the bags of yarn beside my computer desk! By 11:00 pm most of my stash and projects were logged into Ravelry! Now all I need to do is put it away.


  2. Considering all the work we did to get your yarn closet organized, I hope you can get it back in shape soon! On the other hand, I’m pleased to know that it’s taken you this long to get it in- organized!


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