Do You Hear the People Sing?

From time to time I mix knitting with politics. That’s better than mixing politics and religion, but occasionally causes a dropped stitch. I did drop a stitch when I heard the Speaker of the House repeatedly refuse to bring a clean budget bill to the floor and vowed to let the country default on our debts if he didn’t get his way. So here’s my letter to him —

Dear Speaker Boehner,

Do you hear the people sing? Have you learned nothing from history? Are you doomed to go down in history as the puppet of the greedy bastards who pull your strings? You will be remembered as the man who brought on a world revolution. A man, who while claiming to favor the middle class, enlarged the ranks of the poor. A man without common sense, without compassion, without a brain. A man who caused an economic  world crisis at the command of his handlers. A man who caused a revolution.  Do You Hear the People Sing?


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