Only 78 Knitting Days Until Xmas!

Did you ever look at your calendar and get that “rear view mirror” feeling?  You know the one — The events on this calendar may be closer than they appear.

4 Projects at a Time
4 Projects at a Time

Xmas is almost here and it seemed so far away when I lined up all the knit things to give as gifts! First, there is the sweater for granddaughter Finn (She already knows about this gift because she requested it!). Then there are four gifts I can’t mention because the recipients read this blog! Then there are the washcloths for my piano teacher (one has a treble clef and the other has two quarter notes). Then there is the hat for granddaughter Gabby and the sweater for daughter Michele.  And then there is a partridge in a pear tree (actually it is a felted nest with three powder-blue eggs to sit on the tree branches!). PLUS, knitted gift bags! How am I ever going to do all that in just 78 days! If I could only walk and knit at the same time like Mona!

Oh, well, all of these will be gifts, but some of them will only be yarn and a promise. At least I’ve already purchased all of the yarn. Oh, wait! I guess I’m ahead of the game — xmas shopping all done!! Hurrah!


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