Project Problem!

Oh, oh. My lined mitten project just came to a screeching halt! Worse yet, instead of being 75% completed, it now is only about 40% done. It’s kind of amazing how this can happen all of a sudden — I think it is called “knitter’s trance!”

Tuesday Morning Lined Mittens
Tuesday Morning Lined Mittens

According to the photo it looks like one mitten is complete and the lining of the second almost done. Alas, not true! When I finished the first one, I thought I was so smart to immediately cast on for the lining of the second one. Unfortunately, I used the same size needle for the second lining as I did for the first outer mitten — WRONG! I should have dropped down a needle size and knit the lining just as I did the first one. Consequently, the second lining is way too big! Then, I finally tried on the completed first mitten (DUH!). The lining fits beautifully, but it is jammed up into an outer mitten that it way too short in both the hand and the thumb! (Oh, I’m supposed to measure accurately??) And of course, I had already woven in the ends! Damn! Now instead of moving forward, I’m backtracking!

Oh, well, as my idol Mona says, “All knitting is just knitting.” Of course that’s from a knitter who finishes projects in a tenth of the time it takes most of us just to select the yarn!


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