Too Busy Knitting to Blog!

Actually, I’m too busy knitting to do much else! For example, yesterday I awoke at 5:00 AM to knit and drink coffee until 8:00; then, exercise, shower, check emails, cleanup the kitchen, start the laundry. Knit again until 3:00 with lunch nibbles when getting to “home row” on Magic Loop socks. I made a quick trip into Apple Yarns in  Bellingham with a few errands along the way and helped mattress stitch the seams of an afghan for a charity auction. Then back home again to knit until 10:30 PM. I quit when I fell asleep with my knitting in hand — in the middle of a stitch!

I guess I’m making progress on all my holiday gift knitting, but I really need to see some finished products soon!! I currently have the foot and toe to go on a second sock; the outer mitten of the second lined mitten; two sleeves to go on a sweater; the ribbing done on a brioche stitch hat so I can take a class to learn the stitch so I can make a brioche cowl for a gift (how’s that for convoluted!!); yarn, needles and patterns ready to go for two other hats; and a big box of yarn ready to wrap with a promise!

Knitting Chair Chaos!
Knitting Chair Chaos!

And I must somewhere find time for cleaning, decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and who knows what else!! Oh! and taking my granddaughter to the American Girl doll store to get Kaya’s hair fixed and have a tea party!

All in the next 44 days! YIKES! 44 DAYS — I love it!


7 thoughts on “Too Busy Knitting to Blog!

  1. I’m having trouble relating to your situation! Methinks it just might be the coffee, as your astute son has suggested! See, I don’t drink coffee. I just smell it. This lets me multi-task and, therefore, get more done!

    For example, I have all my Christmas knitting projects completed for this year and next! I also have them all wrapped either in hand knit gift bags (thanks for this pattern) or in hand painted/stamped wrapping paper with tags I did with calligraphy! I also have my Christmas cards (hand made, of course with a newsy letter about all I have done in 2013) all ready and addressed (designed the stamps myself) for this year and for next (just left some blanks in next year’s letter to fill in later). Since I don’t have to do Thanksgiving this year, I have the exterior and interior of my home all decorated for Christmas. I encased the outside of the house in a large tarp so that I don’t make the neighbors anxious about getting their decorating done. I have over 500,000 lights outside! That was quite a job and took most of an afternoon! Inside, I have the table set for 24 people with all my china, crystal, and silver for Christmas dinner (have it covered with a 1000 thread count sheet – which I hand spun from cotton I grew in the back 40 – to keep the dust off until the big day)! I grew our tree this year myself in the backyard and decorated it with all new hand made ornaments – took a glass blowing class and all ornaments are original blown glass creations! I have all the holiday baking done and ready in the freezer. I made over 30 different kinds of cookies, fruitcakes, Yule logs, etc. I made my own wine for Christmas dinner this year as well – of course from grapes I grew in the backyard.

    Additionally, I have logged more than 10,000 hours of volunteer work since the holiday season began with Hallothanksmas at the end of October! I have also managed to watch my grandson 24/7, get manicures and pedicures, massages, hair styling, and I am training for the 2014 Pittsburgh marathon – planning to run (well, maybe power walk) and knit in attempt to break the record for knitting longest scarf while participating in a marathon)! Of course, I designed an original pattern for this history-making scarf!

    Oh, did I mention that I’ve been preparing gourmet meals for my husband as a result of the cooking classes I took recently – coordinated this with the glass blowing classes! Smelled coffee while doing both! Unfortunately, I only do gourmet dinners for my husband 6 nights of the week! The 7th night, I create something from the leftovers! I usually invite the neighborhood in for this 7th night to enjoy the fruits of my creative cooking!

    So, I’m just not relating to your situation! Methinks (Don’t you love this word? Picked it up in a Medieval Literature class I took last month!) the problem is either the coffee drinking or my BS! ☺


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