Sometimes the need to see a few finished products from my many WIPs is almost overwhelming! But this was a great week for final productions! I finished the red, white and grey socks, the lined mittens, and the orange beret!

I made significant progress on the grey sweater (almost done with first sleeve with only 2nd one to go!), the Brioche Hat is still waiting for the brioche stitch class with Claudia so that I can do the Brioche Cowl, and the 70’s Ski Hat goes on the needles today!! Yahoo!

Last weekend I called Apple Yarns in desperation because I thought I would run out of Manos Wool Clasica before I finished the second lined mitten! They had a skein in the correct colorway. They wound it and my daughter picked it up for me. As it turned out, I didn’t need it! Finished the mittens with a spit join and 7 inches to spare!! Now thinking I’ll do ear warmers to match the mittens.

I’m looking at the remaining yarn for  the sweater and thinking it is going to be very close, too! I have about 6 or so inches to go on the first sleeve and near the end of a skein. I have one more skein in my project bag, but luckily I have the yarn shop holding one more for me!

I love it when plans start coming together and I can see some results! Now, what to serve for Thanksgiving Dinner??? Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving a week from today (I know next Saturday is early, but it’s the day that works for all!), I need to do the grocery shopping on Monday!


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