I started the Bunting socks by Lisa Richardson in Rowan Fine Art hand painted sock yarn today. I love how this yarn knits up!! Combined with my  Knitter’s Pride Karbonz needles, this yarn practically knits itself….until I couldn’t make sense of the pattern directions.

Let me start at the beginning — like I did three times with this sock. First time, after 6 rounds on the needle, I realized that a size 1 needle wasn’t going to work. When I knit socks, I just start in and call the start a “maybe swatch, maybe sock” beginning. Well, I figured the size 0 called for wasn’t going to work because my usual socks in fingering yarn are about 72 to 84 cast on stitches on a size 1 or 2. This was 66 on a 1. Duh!

Second time, size 2 Karbonz, cast on 66, knit the first 7 rounds like a dream…then the pattern started. “Work in patt as folls: *Yfwd, sl, K1, psso, K4, rep * to end.” So I pull the working yarn forward between the needles, slip a stitch, put the yarn to the back between the needles, knit one stitch, pass slipped stitch over, knit 4 and repeated to the end of the round. So I had 11 less stitches than when I started. As I looked down through the pattern there was not an increase in sight! This was not going to work. So I tinked the round and royally screwed it all up!Frog!

Bunting Socks for KAL -  Start # 3
Bunting Socks for KAL –
Start # 3

Third time starting, I made it to the pattern and stopped. Sent panic texts to some fellow knitters. Checked all my basic knitting books to make sure I was doing all the stitches correctly, and then I googled psso (definitely a decrease) and  Yfwd — oh, oh. I found this blog article on YFWD and I was enlightened! It seems that the British use YFWD like the US uses YO; therefore, it is an increase. My second DUH! of the day! Rowan is a British company and the designer, Lisa Richardson is British. I quickly reread the pattern and, lo and behold! there is a YFWD for every PSSO in the damn thing!

So the third time is the charm and I’m now going to fix a cup of tea, put on some nice music and start knitting the pattern with this luscious yarn and awesome needles. Hopefully, I’ll end up with some awesome, luscious socks!




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