Here We Go Again!

New Rules:

Never knit a new pattern late at night. (I screwed up again on my Bunting Socks!)

Check everything thoroughly before you begin. (There just may be a reason to pick different needles!)

I almost frogged the whole friggin’ thing this morning, until I read Knitting Sarah’s morning blog about using the right needles. One of the main reasons that I messed up my Bunting socks again was the needle choice. I decided to use double loop method rather than the DPNs that the pattern called for. I love doing socks with Magic Loop, but this time the “home position” needle change just happened to occur in the middle of a bunch of YFWDs and PSSOs and K2Togs and basically the worst places in the pattern!

For some strange reason I’m determined to conquer these socks! So here it goes again! Start #4 will use DPNs, size 1. I’ll try to frog back to the cuff and begin the leg pattern. But maybe not today. It’s football this afternoon and Downton Abbey this evening. That calls for working on Jerry’s Coffee Beens Lap Blanket, kind of a no brainer pattern!


2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. One thing we learned as kids was persistence and patience. You’ve shown the persistence, just continue to be patient with yourself. Also, thanks for defining those acronyms for me, otherwise, as a non-knitter, I wouldn’t have understood a thing you wrote! LOL


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