WIP Update

Here is a status update on all my WIP:

Brioche Cowl
Brioche Cowl

Finally back on track with the Brioche Cowl. Difficult stitch for me to learn for some reason. This is the real Brioche Stitch, not the faux brioche that is just knit stitch below. Thanks to Claudia at Apple Yarns and her infinite patience, I’m finally getting the hang of it!

Coffee Beenz Lap Blanket
Coffee Beenz Lap Blanket

This Lap Blanket is moving along. It’s current size makes it a “stay-in-one-place” project. It is a great watch football and Downton Abbey project. Finished measurements will be 44″ x 60″.  This was a “here is the yarn and I’ll knit it after Christmas” present to my husband!

Swatches for Purple Sweater
Swatches for Purple Sweater

In preparation for the February Sweater Challenge at Apple Yarns, I’m trying to get gauge for my daughter’s purple sweater.


And last, but not least, the infamous BUNTING SOCKS! I tried a fifth start to these socks on Sunday and failed miserably, but I think I have it all figured out now. So attempt # 6 begins tomorrow! Stay tuned…….

OMG! I almost forgot my Colorburst / Sunburst Shawl….alas, it is hibernating again!


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