Bunting Sock Frogged!
Bunting Sock Frogged!

After 6 attempts to do the Bunting Sock pattern, I quit! I pulled out my needles and called it frogged! Done. Finished. Over. Kaput. No longer in love with this pattern!

I finally figured out the yfwd and yo debacle; then I got that it was a 6 stitch pattern; then I figured out the yfwd at the beginning and/or end of  a row was better handled as a full yo. BUT, then the pattern started PSSO from one needle to another, and various other difficult, tricky and impossible maneuvers! When I realized that I was no longer having fun, I gave it up!

After frogging the whole thing, I went to the next sock in my Ravelry queue (it’s so well organized thanks to Sarah and her awesome blog). Aha! Hermione’s Everyday Socks! They will be wonderful in the Rowen Fine Art Yarn that I’m so in love with! Let the Socks With Sarah KAL 2014 Begin!

I’m casting on before the Seahawks game starts!


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