Peace, Calm, Breathe

Brioche Cowl - frogged! Array Cowl - frogged! New Beginning
Brioche Cowl – frogged! Array Cowl – frogged!
New Beginning

It seems that from pre-Thanksgiving until now everything has been moving at warp speed. But the faster I go, the behinder I get! I’m super busy, but nothing seems to be getting done! The house is a mess, the xmas tree is still standing undecorated and ready to go to the crawl space, my sheet music is all over the piano, knitting patterns unfiled, thank you notes unwritten, laundry half done, no bread, no eggs and I’m tired! Even my knitting is suffering — gave up on that ridiculously hard sock pattern and now giving up on the Brioche Stitch Cowl — just too many errors and too many trips to the yarn shop to have Claudia fix it!

Hence my new motto: Live Calmly! Peace, Calm, Breathe….

I took a took a long, slow, critical look at my WIP and my queue. Too many at one time, too rushed, too many mistakes! So here’s what I did —

1. I frogged the Brioche Stitch Cowl. Selected another pattern with Michele’s approval. Started the Array Cowl, screwed it up, frogged it, and now starting over on the Array Cowl — slowly! She can always wear it next winter!

2. My Sunstruck shawl (dubbed the Colorstruck shawl) is officially hibernating for now.

3. Changed my plans for the February Sweater Challenge at Apple Yarns: doing one sweater, Benedikta in Noro Spring Garden, not two as originally planned!

3. No new projects on the needles until the following WIP are finished — Array Cowl, Hermione’s Everyday Socks, Jerry’s Lap Blanket, Benedikta Sweater (beginning February 1st). Well, not exactly when ALL are finished — When I finish one of these, I can start another project. I don’t think four WIP are too many, do you?

Oh, then there’s the housework………well, maybe one day next week…….


12 thoughts on “Peace, Calm, Breathe

  1. How about this. Hire a cleaning service. It’s close enough to spring. Put off the project for me. It’s almost spring. Quit trying to nit for the world and go back to the original reason why you started to knit in the first place. Why was that?

    Love your husband. 🙂


  2. You need to keep things in perspective. Knitting is not a race…it is not a job…it is not, and should not be, all that matters. Don’t get me wrong, I love to knit. But you have to balance your life. I often find when I’ve spent time doing non-knitting activities that I come back to knitting refreshed, ready for new challenges and much more productive.


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