Ignorance is Dangerous

I usually blog about my knitting, but today I’m compelled to write one of my infrequent posts on politics. Perhaps I am spurred on by my strong believe in the power of science and education; or maybe it was Margaret and Helen’s post that has me inspired. (By the way, if you haven’t followed their blog, you should! I love these two women!). Anyway, here goes.

It seems I have spent most of my life joining with my like-minded political friends combatting the overwhelming ignorance of people who use all sorts of justifications to maintain a social hierarchy in which mostly white men are always on top. Whether the issue is fair wages, voting rights, or reproductive parity, these folks always want to “keep women in their place.” The idea that women can’t think for themselves, and therefore need men to “stand up for them’, is demeaning. The idea that if women benefit from insurance coverage for birth control, they are dependent on government  and therefore somehow violated by that government, is ludicrous!  Obviously people like Mike Hucklabee have no knowledge of history, lack even a basic understanding of human sexuality and reproductive biology, and furthermore, think that somehow their opinion is the truth!

Personally, I think Mike Hucklabee is a sicko or maybe even a psycho! Other Repubs who are  now saying that they wouldn’t have used those words are just as bad as Huck! The words aren’t the major problem, the illogical, ignorant, uninformed, presumptuous, stupid opinion is the problem. The fact that his word choice made him sound like an uneducated, has-been is secondary to the point that he thinks it is ok to basically say that if a woman uses birth control it is because she can’t control her libido (code for slut) and that the Dems want them to have birth control so they will be able to control women!

Mike Huckabee could greatly benefit from a high school health class and a basic understanding of science in general with a course in Human Sexuality thrown in. He is so out of touch  with the facts about birth control that he somehow links libido with the pill! If you use contraceptives you’re promiscuous? If you use contraceptives you are dependent on the government? Wow, amazing thinking. As a retired educator I give him an F in Health, an F in Biology, an F in Logic, an F in Public Speaking, an F in Human Sexuality, an F in Reproductive Sciences, an F in Women’s Studies, an F in Politics and Policy and an A in Conservative Illogic Ideology.

I’m also wondering about his stance on insurance coverage of medications for erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Hmmm… I’m going to check his website!


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