Weekly Knitting Status 26 January 2014

I’ve decided to post my knitting status on a weekly basis. I’ve found that I automatically “take stock” every Sunday on my current WIP and set some goals for the week. Sometimes I meet those goals and sometimes I don’t, but it helps to keep me on track and prevent adding another WIP before I finish something else! I know this isn’t Sunday, but I’ll try to post this feature on Sunday or Monday each week. Here goes —

Goals for the week:

1.  Complete the Array Cowl for Michele.

Array Cowl
Array Cowl

This cowl for my daughter started out as a brioche stitch cowl. I loved the look of the stitch, but my rate of errors greatly exceeded my patience with the project. So I changed the pattern to the Array Cowl available free on Ravelry. Not quite as squishy as the brioche stitch, but knits up nicely.  About 90% done.

2.   Add an inch or two to the Couch Potato Blanket.

Coffee Beenz Lap Blanket
Coffee Beenz Lap Blanket

This Couch Potato Blanket for my husband is really a long term project. Finished length will be about 60″ so I have a rather long way to go!

3.  Complete most of the leg of sock #2.

Hermione's Everyday Sock
Hermione’s Everyday Sock

I have about half the cuff done for the second sock. As part of the Socks with Sarah KAL, I’ll work a bit on this each day.

4. Let it hibernate! There are a limited number of hours in a week.

Colorburst Shawl
Colorburst Shawl

This shawl uses the Sunburst Shawl pattern. I love this shawl and I’m anxious to finish it, but for now it is officially hibernating!

5.  Do gauge swatch and CO on Friday.

Benedickta Sweater
Benedickta Sweater

I’m ready to do a gauge swatch for this sweater. I’m be making this sweater using Noro Spring Garden yarn for the Apple Yarns February Sweater Challenge so I’ll CO on Friday!

6.  Last but far from least, knit with Gabriella. She did this drawing practicing the shading technique she learned in art class. Next update I’ll include a photo of the doll blanket she is knitting.

Balls of Yarn
Balls of Yarn

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