Weekly Knitting Status 10 Feb 2014

Out of last weeks three active projects, only one remains. That doesn’t mean that two of them are completed projects (although I wish it did mean that!), but rather that only one is currently active. The other two aren’t exactly hibernating; they are just resting quietly!

My only active project this past week was my Benedikta Sweater that I’m doing as part of the Apple Yarns Sweater Challenge. I’m under the pressure of a 28 February deadline in order to qualify for the prizes!! (and of course to attend one of Andrea’s fun in-store parties!)

Here it is, as of this very moment — (I tried for 10 minutes to get the photo to load and I finally gave up!) Well, what do you know! The photo showed up at the bottom of the page!

I just finished the second round of mitered squares with 3 more rows to go, the sleeves and the neck — I wish there were an extra day in February this year. My goal for the coming week is to complete the additional 3 rows (but I’ll be happy with two more down!)

Benedikta Sweater


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