“Knit-a-little-on-each-WIP” Day

Today is “knit a little on each WIP” day! I started out by finishing the heart on the heel flap of the striped socks. To do this I had to remember how to do stranding (only did that once before) and to learn how to do intarsia. I always thought intarsia was really difficult — then I read about it in my Vogue Knitting book. I think my first try is a good start!! All my sock knitting this year is part of the Knitting Sarah KAL.

Love Socks
Love Socks









The pattern called for stranding the first nine rows, then intarsia for the rest of the heart. My edges aren’t really crisp, but I’m not sure if that is standard or not! I’ll check with my knit group on Tuesday. My thanks go to Claudia for the refresher on stranding and to Mona for her mantra, “It’s all just knitting,” as I tinked the heart for the second time!

Next, I had a real problem getting started on the Purple Sweater for my daughter. She wanted it in Cascade 220 Superwash (if you read the post about what happened to the gray sweater-now-a-handbag that I knit for her last year, you’ll understand why!), but the pattern, Neck-down Pullover for Women from Pure and Simple, was written for a thicker yarn! Thanks again to DeeDee (knitter/designer extraordinaire!) for teaching me how to do the math to figure out the sizing. In order to meet gauge, I had to use at least a size 10 needle. But at that size, the stockinette stitch sweater would have been “see through!” Since the gauge swatch on 7’s was the best looking, DeeDee sized the sweater to match that gauge. I knit from the top down to below the arm holes, slipped the stitches onto scrap yarn, and had Michele try it on this morning — spot on!!!! Thanks Mona and DeeDee for the suggestion that I do this! Now I know it will fit her. Yahoo!!

Michele's Purple Sweater
Michele’s Purple Sweater







Last, but never least, I have The Coach Potato Blanket to work on! It is about 60% complete. I originally told Jerry that it would be finished for his birthday, since his xmas present was the yarn and a promise!  Since his birthday is now about 3 weeks away, it’s not going to happen! So now I promised that he’d have it in time for summer (which in NW Washington begins July 5th)! Hmm…if I knit one pattern repeat per day………..



7 thoughts on ““Knit-a-little-on-each-WIP” Day

  1. Hmmmmmmm. July = warmth = don’t need blanket=might as well drag it out until October=more time to finish other projects and start new ones. :-)))))) Outcome. Less pressure on your HOBBY. Yes, hobby not hubby.


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