Tinks, Frogs and Lifelines — Oh, My!

It’s been a wild start, but I’m all in with the Michelle Hunter Mystery Shawl KAL. When the first clue hit the streets I was online reading her blog, watching her videos and drooling to get started! I cast on my Rylie yarn in the color, Sea, shortly after arriving at my Thursday Morning Knit Group at Apple Yarns. Continued working on it in the evening and thankfully inserted a lifeline after row 28, before the start of the Star Stitch section. At about row 38 my stitch count was off.  I tried to tink a row, but dropped a couple stitches and had a mess on my hands. Ah, the value of a lifeline! I frogged back to row 28 and started over. All went well the next day and I made it to row 59 (there are only 60 rows in Clue #1!) and something didn’t look right — either the pattern intentionally had a section of purl rows on the RS, or I was backwards! I checked the photos of the eager beavers who had already posted them and sure enough — I had to tink back to row 54! Why, oh why, didn’t I add another lifeline??Now I’m finally done with Clue #1! At the end of the first clue, Michele wrote that her first skein now weighed 72 g. So proud that mine was 73 grams! Right on.

Mystery Shawl KAL
Mystery Shawl KAL







Love the pattern! Adore the yarn! Thank you, Michelle Hunter! I’ve already learned a ton of new things! The main things I’ve learned  — Lifelines are very awesome.  More frequent lifelines would be even more awesome!

Can’t wait for Clue #2 on April 10th!











10 thoughts on “Tinks, Frogs and Lifelines — Oh, My!

    1. It’s a very well-written pattern and there are videos to help! I’ve never done a lace shawl before. I’ve given up on two others, but I think I can actually do this one!!


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