Making Progress!

Some weeks, even though I spend hours knitting, visible progress is elusive. Oh, there may be more rows on some projects, but no major benchmarks are reached, nor major learning takes place. Not so with this past week when my hours of knitting produced very noticeable progress, inspiring learning, and a HUGE ego boost!

Top-Down Sweater
Top-Down Sweater

A major benchmark in knitting a top-down sweater is completing the body of the sweater — about 2/3 of the project. Well, I’m just an inch away from the rolled bottom edge of the Purple Sweater for my daughter, Michele!

Sleeves, here I come!

This one has taught me perseverance with its row after row of knit stitch, around and around, again and again!



Love Socks
Love Socks

Then there are the Love Socks — finally finished sock one and most of the leg of sock two! Yahoo! I’ve learned (note I did not say “mastered”) carrying the non-working yarn down through the stripes, avoiding that little jog you can get when changing colors in the stripe, stranded knitting, and intarsia. As part of the Socks with Sarah KAL, I’ve learned that knitting a bit each day on your socks pays off! Whew, that’s a lot in a little pair of socks!




The Mystery Shawl KAL
The Mystery Shawl KAL

Ah, the Michelle Hunter Mystery Shawl! Finished clue two and I’m loving this one. I think it may be my best knitting project yet! I’ve learned that YO and Double YO are not to be feared! (Thanks, Michelle Hunter!), that the quality of my knitting is directly related to the clarity of the pattern directions (Thanks, Michelle Hunter!), that life-lines are life-saving (Thanks, Michelle Hunter!) and I can read a pattern better than my friend, Pat! Yes, folks, that’s true –in one little sentence of one great pattern! Well, it’s a start! For the very first time ever, I HELPED PAT UNDERSTAND A LINE IN A PATTERN!! What an ego booster! She was really trying to over-complicate a very simple purl row — just because you are dealing with Double YOs doesn’t mean you’ll have an increase!! Oh, and it helps to understand the use of the parentheses! Here it is folks –“68. K2, purl (in double yo – purl 1st st, purl 2nd st through the back loop) to last 2 sts, k2.”

Love ya, Pat!!  What a great week!



6 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. Wow! All your projects look awesome! Purple color for Michele’s sweater is gorgeous!! The striped, heart socks are so cute!! And of course, I love the mystery KAL we are doing! So glad I brought my knitting with me on the 2010 sister retreat!!! :))


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