A Bad Knitting Day

It started out OK, but rapidly went south. I was working on clue #3 of the Michelle Hunter Mystery Shawl KAL and down to the last 6 rows — the Garter Stitch Lace Ladder. Half-way through my stitch count was off and I couldn’t figure out why. As I closely examined my knitting, I noticed that my “ladders” weren’t stacked, they were offset! Yikes! To make matters worse my lifeline was on row 108 and I was on row 149. That will teach me to get all cocky with thinking “this is easy so I’ll wait to put in a lifeline on row 152 — the last row of clue 3!”

The Garter Stitch Lace Ladder Mess!
The Garter Stitch Lace Ladder Mess!




So I started tinking (knitting backwards) and, you guessed it — dropped stitches, hanging yarn overs, and a general mess! Then I tried to put in a lifeline on row 144 but didn’t come up with the correct stitch count. The thought of frogging back to row 108 is very depressing, so I put it down for today. I’ll take it to my knit group tomorrow and seek the wisdom of the expert knitters in the group.  Problem solved, at least temporarily.


Top-Down Sweater
Top-Down Sweater






So then I turned to the Purple Top-Down Sweater. I finished the body of the sweater on Monday, so I started picking up stitches to complete the neck. After picking up 40 stitches, it looked like hell — so I ripped them out and put that project aside.

Cascade Silk Heritage
Cascade Silk Heritage


Since I had finished the Love Socks on Monday, I thought I’d move on to the next socks in the queue — striped socks in Cascade Silk Heritage carnelian red and white for my granddaughter, Finn, who just accepted the offer to attend Cornell University — red and white are their colors. But Bubba/Gramps thought that idea was a little dorky, so I put that aside.

Space Girl Summer Top
Space Girl Summer Top

The next project in the queue is the Space Girl Sweater — I want to do the short-sleeved version in white Cascade Ultra Pima to wear this summer. I have everything I need — the pattern, the balled yarn, the needles. Yet I hesitated because of the dreaded swatch! I know, I know, I must do a gauge swatch to make sure it will fit when completed. I get it! But I hate knitting a gauge swatch — it seems so non-productive. At least it is somewhat mindless knitting, and since nothing else seems to be working today (not sure if it is my brain or my fingers…), gauge swatch, ready or not,  here I come! Oh, oh, I just looked at the clock and the morning is shot in the ass and it is early dismissal day at school. Time to shower, dress and pick up Gabriella. Just where did  my Wednesday morning knitting time go??




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