The Agony………and the………Wait Until Knit Group

The Wonky Garter Stitch Lace Ladder

I took my husband’s advice and frogged the mystery shawl back to the lifeline on row 142. Believe me, my husband is not an expert on knitting. He’s an expert on many things, photography, birds, gardening, politics, etc., but not on knitting. He knows three vocabulary terms about knitting — knit, purl, and frog it! But in this case, he was right. Take one look at the wonky ladder above and you can see why!

Thanks to the life line, this wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated. Then on to the next row. Row 143 reads, “K2, kfb twice, knit to last 4 sts, kfb twice, k2 (248 sts).” ¬†When I got to the last 4 stitches, I realized that I had only kfb’ed once at the beginning of the row! Back I went. Second time I actually had the required 248 stitches!! Row 144 was simple — Knit! I did and still had 248 stitches at the end of the row! Yahoo!! I then inserted a second life line. I’m adding a lifeline every 2 rows until I finish clue #3!

Two Life Lines Are Better Than One!
Two Life Lines Are Better Than One!

Then I was ready to start the dreaded Garter Stitch Lace Ladder! Here’s how it is supposed to look — a far cry from the first photo in this blog!

Garter Stitch Lace Ladder -- the Pattern
Garter Stitch Lace Ladder — the Pattern

So I did what any sensible knitter would do — I did a Scarlet O’Hara. I put it off until my Tuesday Morning Knit Group! Maybe Claudia can give me some advice….

I'll Worry About It Tomorrow!
I’ll Worry About It Tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “The Agony………and the………Wait Until Knit Group

    1. Don’t panic! With your experience and precision you will have no problem. Since this is my first fancy lace project and my lack of focus on the intricacies of the stitch, I’m on my third try! Just remember that it is kfb TWICE on each end!


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