Done…Done…and Done!!!

Sometimes it seems like you knit forever without your WIP becoming FO. Then all of a sudden BAM! That’s exactly how this week turned out!

First off the needles, my Seahawks Corkscrew Hat, a result of the Mystery Hat KAL with Michele Hunter (LOVE her patterns!). I learned so many knitting techniques working on this one.

Seahawks Corkscrew Hat
Seahawks Corkscrew Hat

Next FO was my Mara Shawl — made with Noro Garden Lite that I bought at last year’s Stash Sale at Apple Yarns. I was determined to complete it before this year’s sale, and I made it! The first time Mona (one of my Tuesday/Thursday Knit Group friends) saw this shawl, she spit on it!

Actually, she forgot to bring her knitting to the group and volunteered to work on my shawl while I worked on a pair of socks. When it came time to add a new skein, she asked if I wanted to use a spit join. I said yes, so she did!

Mara Shawl
Mara Shawl

Lastly, but certainly not least, I completed my Ridge Stitch Sweater. I originally wanted to complete this by June 1st in order to wear it to my granddaughter’s graduation, but I missed that deadline by a mile! I already told you about my problems with setting in the sleeves in my Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot blog, and I dreaded picking up the stitches for the neck. But I think it turned out well and there is still some summer left to wear it!

Ridge Stitch White Cotton Sweater
Ridge Stitch White Cotton Sweater

Since I almost always have at least 3 WIP’s, my dilemma today is deciding what to add to the two projects already on the needles: Jean’s Socks and The Couch Potato’s Blanket (yes, it is officially out of hibernation!)


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