The Knitting Lesson

I love spending time with my granddaughters. Finn, a freshman at Cornell University, lives 3000 miles away and I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I did when she was younger. Oh, my, do I miss her! But Gabriella, 7and 3/4 as she says, lives just 20 miles away and I see her often.

This week I spent a day with her and the morning was filled with games, conversation, lunch —

Lunch on the Deck
Lunch on the Deck

and play time in her “tree house” while I knit on the deck.

The Tree House
The Tree House

A play date with her friend highlighted the afternoon. They usually play on their own and I get lots of knitting time, but this day they couldn’t decide what to play and everything seemed to involve me — tag, hide and seek, dodge the Groovy Dolls (variation of dodgeball!). By 3:00 PM I was exhausted! So out of desperation I said, ” Hey, Girls, would you like to do some knitting?” After a resounding “YES!” Gabriella found her knitting box on the top shelf where it has resided since late winter and we set about the task. Her friend, Chelsea, had never knit before so I started her out with a bit of yarn and some needles. Gabriella is working on a knit stitch blanket for her doll and Chelsea decided on a knit stitch dish cloth. They diligently worked on their projects and I spent time coaching and fixing dropped stitches, accidental yarn overs, and wonky-looking errors! We had a great time and I promised another lesson soon! Bring on the Purl!

The Knitting Lesson
The Knitting Lesson

4 thoughts on “The Knitting Lesson

  1. One of the church schools nearby starts teaching 3rd and 4th graders how to knit as part of their learning. It helps with motor skills, counting, and some math. They use the squares they knit to make blankets which are given to community service projects.


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