Just Git-R-Done!

My usual modus operandi is to have about four or five projects on needles at the same time, switching from one to another depending on my mood and how much of any one needle size my hands will tolerate!

  • A sock on a size 1 circular (thanks to Socks with Sarah!),
  • 1 or 2 medium-sized projects (hats, mittens, scarves, cowls),
  • 1 or 2 larger projects (sweater, shawl, blanket).

And of course 35 to 45 projects in the queue, about a third of which are in project bags with the pattern, yarn and maybe even the needles!

But for some reason I currently have only two projects actually on the needles — KAL #8 Business Casual Socks

Business Casual Socks
Business Casual Socks

and the Couch Potato Blanket for my husband.

Couch Potato Blanket
Couch Potato Blanket

I think I know the  reasons for just pushing forward with these two right now:

  1. I always have a pair of socks going (and I LOVE this pattern!).
  2. The blanket is actually a christmas present I gave to Jerry in 2013!! Yikes, I’ve got to get this sucker done!!

Every time I looked at it just hibernating in the knitting closet, I felt guilty for not working on it. I had lots of excuses, but basically it came down to this — it’s a boring knit. So I figured that the only way I’d ever complete it was to just go for it. I’m almost done. About 6 more inches to go and I feel like the Little Engine Who Could!

As soon as I finish the blanket, I’m starting Kent’s Grey Cabled Vest and Michelle Hunter’s Mystery KAL Namesake Cowl (Actually, when I start it will be no longer a mystery!) Or maybe I’ll do the Rutherford Hat, or the Entrelac Scarf, or Imagine When Shawl, or the Seahawks Socks, or the Two-tone Twill scarf, or the Linen Stitch Scarf, or …, or …, or ………… So much to knit…so little time….just git-r-done!


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