An Addendum to My Stash Rules

As you may remember I have a list of rules about purchasing new yarn in order to control my stash and my budget! Last week I amended the rules for non-inclusion to allow the purchase of yarn for projects already in my queue. But there is another circumstance that I need to allow for that I had not anticipated would arise — the purchases of yarn in a foreign country.

New rule:  Yarn may be purchased anytime one is traveling in a foreign country, provided that a pattern is also purchased and the resulting kit is immediately added to one’s Ravelry queue.

Therefore, I now have the following kits in my queue:

Cable Collar Kit
Cable Collar Kit
Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves
Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves
Dot Grid Socks
Dot Grid Socks

The kits were purchased at The Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had to use my passport to get there; therefore, under the new rules, this SANJOSILK yarn qualifies to be in my stash! Yahoo!! (OMG! I LOVE this SILK and wool yarn — to die for!)


16 thoughts on “An Addendum to My Stash Rules

  1. The great thing about setting your own rules is that you can change them whenever you want, which you have been doing quite well!! LOL! Yarn is gorgeous and well worth the change in rules!! :)))


  2. Yep! Been there, felt that! Decided knitting for me was to be relaxing so backed off and have not added anything for awhile! However, gender reveal is coming up soon!!


  3. Oh Gretchen, I get such a kick out of you! I love your enthusiasm, rule changing to fit the current desire, and your passion! You have a long and healthy knitting life ahead of you!


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