Knitting Withdrawal

It has been a long while since my last post and almost as long since I last picked up knitting needles. On March 13th I had surgery to replace my left thumb joint due to severe arthritis. Interestingly, my friend Pat had the same surgery the day before on her right hand. We even had the same surgeon! I think the surgical team is still recovering, too!

We got together to commiserate about a week after surgery. This is what we look like on pain meds!

Matching Casts
Matching Casts

We figured that since she had a good left hand and I had a good right hand, we just might be able to knit!

Two-handed Knitting
Two-handed Knitting

But at a rate of 1 stitch per 30 seconds and totally inconsistent gauge, we didn’t last very long!

At the three-week mark on April 3rd, with casts off, stitches out and braces on, we got together for Pat’s birthday lunch. This is how we look without pain meds!

A High 5 at the Birthday Lunch
A High 5 at the Birthday Lunch

We haven’t tried to knit again, neither together nor individually. I think we’ll wait until we start physical therapy in another three weeks. And, yes, our appointments are at the same place, same time, side-by-side therapists! The folks at Rebound Hand Therapy will never be the same!


7 thoughts on “Knitting Withdrawal

  1. I’m sorry you both had to have the surgery – but how funny that you had someone to share the experience with! My husband had hand surgery after an accident and had his hand wrapped up much like yours. We were shopping and went around the corner of an aisle and nearly bumped right into a woman with identical bandaging. They both laughed and had to share their stories.

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    1. Thanks, Cheryl. It is so nice to have a shared experience with my best girl friend! Just too bad it had to be this particular experience! Hope your husband is doing well.


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