Healed, Rehabbed and Ready to Knit

After a thumb joint replacement and no knitting since March 13th — I’m Baaa-aack!

New Thumb Joint
New Thumb Joint

Feels so great to be able to take off the brace and knit without pain. I’m half-way through my physical therapy sessions and my hand gets tired after about 15 minutes of knitting.

I picked up my needles where I left off in February –  knitting the second sock of a pair for my son that I started back in January! He has big feet and knitting socks for him always takes a while, but this is ridiculous! Be patient, Kent!

Second Sock
Second Sock

But I did cast on another project that has a timeline —

Hat for Matt
Hat for Matt

There’s a story with this one! In my previous post, I told you about my friend Pat having the same surgery, by the same surgeon, the day before mine. And I even included a photo of how we were trying to knit using her left hand and my right one. Well, actually that didn’t work very well. But we’ll both knit a bit on this hat and we plan to give it to our surgeon, Matt, at our next appointment in June. He doesn’t know that we scheduled our appointments back-to-back so that we could give him this present! He’s a great guy and we can’t wait to surprise him!        (Shhh……don’t tell him!)

Best Friends - Matching Hands
Best Friends – Matching Hands

7 thoughts on “Healed, Rehabbed and Ready to Knit

  1. Great to hear that you and Pat are back knitting! Your thumb looks like it has a healed well! So glad PT is half over!! Love the hat idea for your surgeon and the back to back appointments!! :))


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    1. You’re on the list, but it’s a long one! I think almost any body part can be replaced. My knees are metal, my shoulder is plastic, but my thumb joint was made from a tendon removed from my forearm! Amazing, eh?


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