The… Never… Ending… Socks….

Truly, I love knitting socks — I really do! Check out my Ravelry Projects page for proof! And I never suffer from “Second-Sock-Syndrome.” But this second sock is taking a ridiculous amount of time to complete and I’m sick of the color (or lack thereof)! Unfortunately, sock #1 and sock #2 were interrupted by my thumb joint replacement surgery, and that certainly didn’t help. Then sock #2 actually became part of my physical therapy and contributed greatly to my mental health, but it was slow going! Now I’m ready to FINALLY turn the heel — my favorite part. Then comes the BIG foot because sadly our son inherited my long, wide feet, rather than my husband’s smaller ones! BTW, great sock yarn for those who don’t like wool — CoBaSi.

2nd Sock for Big Foot
2nd Sock for Big Foot

In the meantime, I completed another project. I did this one¬†because it was on larger needles and my left hand needed a break sometimes from the size 1 needle of the sock. I completed the button cowl for my daughter. It’s a bit late for a cowl this time of year, but it will be ready to go for next rainy season. This was a fun, easy knit and I LOVE Simplinatural yarn by Hikoo.

Michele's Grey Cowl
Michele’s Grey Cowl
Cowl on Model
Cowl on Model
Button Detail
Button Detail

So now it’s time to cast on two new projects! I never have just one project on the needles — I like to work with three projects at a time!

Don’t worry, Kent! I’ll give your socks top priority. Oh, and Finn — be sure to send your measurements so one of the two new projects can be yours!

And to the other eleven folks on my sock list — patience! They’re coming!


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