Never-ending Socks………DONE!

Bigfoot Socks - Completed
Bigfoot Socks – Completed

I started these socks for my son Kent on January 14th and completed them on June 11th. In my defense, I wasn’t able to knit for about eight weeks or so following surgery for a new thumb joint. But finally these socks are DONE, complete, finished, off-the-needles!

The pattern is just my basic Magic Loop sock pattern with an “Eye of Partridge” heel flap, a short row heel and Kitchener stitch toe. The yarn is CoBaSi, a great sock yarn for those who don’t like wool socks.

Gabriella  - Modelling  Uncle Kent's Socks
Gabriella – Modelling
Uncle Kent’s Socks

These socks are going into the mail today! I’m sending via Priority Mail: Tracked and Insured! I have so much time and energy into these socks — can you insure for time and energy??

On The Way
On The Way

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