Lessons Learned

After putting my Imagine When gradient shawl into time out for awhile, I was ready once again to face my huge mistake. 

Lesson learned: Time didn’t “cure all things,” but it certainly made it a bit easier to face the problem. 

I frogged section 5 of the shawl while meeting with my knit group — just in case I needed help and encouragement. And I needed both!

Lesson learned: There’s strength in numbers. 

My major problems were figuring out just where I was in the pattern and RS from WS. 

Lesson learned: Slow down and go back to the basics. 

Then, I was on a roll! Sections 5 and 6 almost knit themselves. 

Lesson learned:  When you take time to do it right, things go smoothly. 

And here it is! I love it. 






17 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Wow, Gretchen. Imagine When gradient shawl is stunning. It looks beautiful on you. This one a work of love and perfection.


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