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State of the Knitting Address

With six projects on the needles this week (and problems, questions and/or angst about all of them!), I feel the need to “take stock.” Hence, the state of the knitting:

My one almost finished project:

With the right mitt complete and the left one blocking (with just the side seam remaining), I’m calling these Huckleberry Knits Seahawks Mitts DONE!

Longest uncompleted project:

This is actually 6 projects that are technically off the needles, but all need a duplicate stitch detail. These are the Surprise projects on my Ravelry page. Lots of angst with the duplicate stitch design!

Biggest Project:

Susan dress for granddaughter Finn. It’s designed with four panels plus sleeves. You can read about all the problems on my last two posts! I’m on the second back panel!

Most puzzling project:

Love the pattern. Love the yarn. Beyond the Pines Shawl is a winner. But I’ll be checking in with my yarn group to be sure I’m accurate with this complicated pattern. 

My all time favorite sock:

The Gladys pattern is awesome and the Baah yarn is perfect for this project! Had a problem with the start of the heel, but the designer responded quickly to my email and I’m back on track — after I finish tinking 6 rows!!

And last, but not least:

The Scoreboard KAL with KnitPurl Hunter and Skacel – great combination. The angst here is the Seahawks’ offensive line!! Hoping I’ll be knitting a lot of BLUE today. Go, Hawks!


The Solution to Susan

Yesterday I was determined to figure out where I when wrong with Susan! So I asked two of my knitting friends for help. Always good to get multiple views!


First, I put a life line in the row below the first armhole bindoffs. All three of us counted twice before agreeing that I had the exact number of stitches called for in the pattern. 

I check for the correct number of armhole decreases, and placed another lifeline. More counting by all three of us. Surprise! Two stitches shy of the number required by the pattern. I knew that 2 was the magic number because I had four stitches on the needles when I stopped knitting and I needed six! But where did I lose 2 stitches?? Back to the pattern. Reading it aloud to my friends, I found this line: next row (RS)

I had completely skipped over the M1k direction and went immediately to continue “until armhole measures” 7.5 inches. That error was confirmed when I checked my notes:



Now to reknit the last three inches – again! But first, M1k, twice!

The Trouble with Susan

Susan, the pattern, is troublesome!

This should have been my first clue.

But my Granddaughter loves this dress! I started with the back left panel and all went well through the CO, ribbing, shaping, armhole decreases and shoulder and neck bind offs, until —

Four stitches on the needle, but three rows to go including directions to BO 6 stitches! Of course I immediately assumed that I had made a mistake or two even though I took copious notes and thought I was meticulous in the execution of the directions. 

I checked the Internet for errata – nada! I even made sure I had the most recent version of the pattern – check! Then I started doing the math. 

At the last point that the necessary number of stitches is mentioned (36), I was right on target. I think. 

Then came the decreases. Here’s the line by line math:

With 36 sts on needles at correct armhole length:

“At the armhole edge, bind off 3(4-4-5-5) sts twice, bind off 3(4-4-4-4) sts once, then bind off 3(3,4,4,4) sts twice. AT THE SAME TIME, at neck edge bind off 10 sts once, bind off 6 sts once, bind off 2 sts once, then work even at neck edge until shoulder bind offs are complete. Fasten off.” (4-4-4-3-3=18 knit row stitches bound off; 10-6-2=18 purl row stitches bound off). Total number of stitches to bind off equals 36 – same number I’m supposed to have when the decreases start, so should work out. But it didn’t. 

Oh, oh, I feel a frog coming on!! Yikes!! And I thought it was the pattern — it’s me!

My knitting is troublesome!”


Mariners’ Stitch and Pitch 2015

What a great night with the Mariners from start to finish and cast on to bind off!

With Pat behind the wheel, Claudia, Sophia and I headed out of Bellingham down Interstate 5 to Seattle and Safeco Field with a stop in Lynwood for a late lunch/early dinner. With just two traffic slowdowns, we arrived shortly after the gates opened. We exited the parking garage following the crowd headed for the skywalk over to the stadium.  Suddenly the people in line stopped and we noticed some were headed down the stairs to the street exit to cross over and others were queued in front of a metal detector. The Safeco Field employee stationed there said, “Are you special?” and we all answered, “YES! We Are Special!” He made a joke about I was the Queen of the group because I had a cane. Actually, it’s a trekking pole that I use occasionally because I have a balance disorder. I have no trouble walking and can maneuver stairs better than most! Then he scanned our tickets (Thanks, Claudia!), gave us directions to the elevator on the other side of the skywalk, and we moved through the scanner. It was only when we got to the other side and compared notes that we realized his question really was “Are you special needs?” We had come through the handicapped entrance! After we stopped laughing, we decided that we will always travel with trekking poles! Short cut with VIP treatment!

Then we meandered through the yarn vendors! Awesome! Chatted with our favorite folks from Apple Yarns in Bellingham —

The Apple Yarns Gang
The Apple Yarns Gang

Listened to Barb Demorest from Knitted Knockers being interviewed by Josh from 97.3 FM KIRO Radio! Go, Barb!

Barb Demorest from knittedknockers.org
Barb Demorest from knittedknockers.org

Stopped by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea, and fell in love with their four-color Seahawks Hat kit.

Seahawks Hat Kit
Seahawks Hat Kit

Since the kit makes two hats,

One Kit -- Two Hats!
One Kit — Two Hats!

Pat and I decided to split this purchase. I had vowed to buy no yarn this trip, but splitting with Pat doesn’t count as “buying yarn.” It’s just “splitting with Pat.” So I hadn’t broken my vow … yet!

I have just cleaned out my stash closet getting ready for the Stash Sale next month at Apple Yarns, so the last thing I needed was more yarn! I already have 49 projects with yarns and patterns in project bags logged into my queue on Ravelry! But all my “I’m not buying yarn” mantras were to no avail!

I saw this at The Celtic Knot Yarns booth and I couldn’t put it down (100% of the softest merino wool you’ve ever laid hands on) —

Jilly Lace by Dream in Color
Jilly Lace “Rosy” by Dream in Color

so I had to pay for it.

Then on to the Pacific Fabrics booth — Huckleberry Knits!!!! Love this yarn —


to make these must haves —

12th Mitts
12th Mitts

Claudia and Sophia were on a buying binge, too, with yarn they couldn’t resist. Since Sophia lives on Vancouver Island and is a permanent resident of Canada, we’re thinking the customs officials may have a few questions for her later!  And even though Claudia works in a yarn shop, she rose to the occasion and bought more yarn! We finally bought a bottle of water ($5.00 each!!! Yikes!!) and headed to our seats in the nosebleed section. No kidding! Only three rows of seats behind us at the top of Safeco Field.

View from the Top
View from the Top

We had missed the ceremonial first pitch by the President of Noro Yarns —

Welcome to Safeco Field, Home of the Mariners
Welcome to Safeco Field, Home of the Mariners

But arrived in time to see the Mariners take to the field —

Play Ball!
Play Ball!

It was fun to be in a sea of knitters! With Claudia and Sophia working away on their projects —

Knitters to My Left
Knitters to My Left

and Pat busy on her shawl —


Oh, wait! She wasn’t knitting. She was watching the Reds game on her phone! But when that East Coast game was over, she joined the crowd —

Pat Knitting
Pat Knitting

In addition to the knitters to my left and the knitter to my right, there were knitters behind me —

Knitters in Back
Knitters Behind

and knitters in front of me —

Knitters in Front
Knitters  Front

People in our row (including Sophia and Claudia) went back down to the yarn vendors and returned several times. Since Pat and I were in seat numbers 1 and 2, we were “stand up/sit down” at least 10 times! One time we stood to let people out and Pat turned to me and asked, “Where’s my water bottle? It was in the cup holder until those folks made us stand to let them out!” I helped her search the area. My bottle of $5.00 water was in its cup holder, but hers was no where to be found. Then I turned to her, about to tell her she just lost about $2.50 worth of water, when I spotted her half-empty bottle of water — held in the bend of her left elbow!

To add to the subdued excitement of knitting, the Mariners had two of these —


Alas, it was not meant to be. The Mariners lost to Arizona.

But the trip home was lots of laughs, too. The conversation went something like this —

Sophia, our token Canadian, from the back seat, “Pat, move over a lane to the left. This will soon be two lanes only.”

Pat, driving, “OK. Thanks, Sophia.”

A half-mile later. Pat, driving, “Sophia, should a move over another lane?”

Sophia, from the back seat, “No, you’re fine, Pat. It’s two lanes through this construction.”

Pat, driving, “Wow, Sophia! How did you know that?”

Sophia, from the back seat, “I read the signs.”

…Yes, Gabriella, we do “crack each other up!”

Quick Update…

I currently have four projects on needles and in various stages of completion. I’m 75% finished with my Boneyard Shawl — love the colors, but not the yarn. Souk has been discontinued by Cascade Yarns and I think I know why — the chunky part of the yarn fibers separates even with little or no pressure on it — frustrating! But I think I’m going to love this shawl.

Boneyard Shawl in Souk
Boneyard Shawl in Souk

Next I’m working on the first of six surprise projects. More about this in several months!


Thirdly, I’m just starting a dress for granddaughter Finn in the Susan pattern. The pattern doesn’t seem too difficult even though it’s not written in a straight forward way. I’m not a fan of patterns that give information about how to do certain stitch patterns way before the stitch is called for in the pattern — confusing! But other than that, this dress is mostly stockinette stitch and is knit in four pieces.

Gauge Swatch for Finn's Dress
Gauge Swatch for Finn’s Dress

Last, but certainly not least, I cast on yesterday for another pair of knitted knockers. I try to do a pair every month, so this is the August pair. I started them a bit early because this is the knitting that I’m taking today to the Mariner’s Stitch and Pitch! Barb from Knitted Knockers will have a booth there as well as many yarn vendors. Fun time for all!

Knitted Knockers #8
Knitted Knockers #8