The Trouble with Susan

Susan, the pattern, is troublesome!

This should have been my first clue.

But my Granddaughter loves this dress! I started with the back left panel and all went well through the CO, ribbing, shaping, armhole decreases and shoulder and neck bind offs, until —

Four stitches on the needle, but three rows to go including directions to BO 6 stitches! Of course I immediately assumed that I had made a mistake or two even though I took copious notes and thought I was meticulous in the execution of the directions. 

I checked the Internet for errata – nada! I even made sure I had the most recent version of the pattern – check! Then I started doing the math. 

At the last point that the necessary number of stitches is mentioned (36), I was right on target. I think. 

Then came the decreases. Here’s the line by line math:

With 36 sts on needles at correct armhole length:

“At the armhole edge, bind off 3(4-4-5-5) sts twice, bind off 3(4-4-4-4) sts once, then bind off 3(3,4,4,4) sts twice. AT THE SAME TIME, at neck edge bind off 10 sts once, bind off 6 sts once, bind off 2 sts once, then work even at neck edge until shoulder bind offs are complete. Fasten off.” (4-4-4-3-3=18 knit row stitches bound off; 10-6-2=18 purl row stitches bound off). Total number of stitches to bind off equals 36 – same number I’m supposed to have when the decreases start, so should work out. But it didn’t. 

Oh, oh, I feel a frog coming on!! Yikes!! And I thought it was the pattern — it’s me!

My knitting is troublesome!”



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