The Morning After

The Scoreboard KAL goes like this –

Blue = Seahawks

Green = Opponents

Gray = Space between Games

Each point = One round

Do you think, just maybe, the Legion of Boom can’t bang in the fourth quarter??? Hey, Pete Carroll! Check this out!!


State of the Knitting Address

With six projects on the needles this week (and problems, questions and/or angst about all of them!), I feel the need to “take stock.” Hence, the state of the knitting:

My one almost finished project:

With the right mitt complete and the left one blocking (with just the side seam remaining), I’m calling these Huckleberry Knits Seahawks Mitts DONE!

Longest uncompleted project:

This is actually 6 projects that are technically off the needles, but all need a duplicate stitch detail. These are the Surprise projects on my Ravelry page. Lots of angst with the duplicate stitch design!

Biggest Project:

Susan dress for granddaughter Finn. It’s designed with four panels plus sleeves. You can read about all the problems on my last two posts! I’m on the second back panel!

Most puzzling project:

Love the pattern. Love the yarn. Beyond the Pines Shawl is a winner. But I’ll be checking in with my yarn group to be sure I’m accurate with this complicated pattern. 

My all time favorite sock:

The Gladys pattern is awesome and the Baah yarn is perfect for this project! Had a problem with the start of the heel, but the designer responded quickly to my email and I’m back on track — after I finish tinking 6 rows!!

And last, but not least:

The Scoreboard KAL with KnitPurl Hunter and Skacel – great combination. The angst here is the Seahawks’ offensive line!! Hoping I’ll be knitting a lot of BLUE today. Go, Hawks!

The Solution to Susan

Yesterday I was determined to figure out where I when wrong with Susan! So I asked two of my knitting friends for help. Always good to get multiple views!


First, I put a life line in the row below the first armhole bindoffs. All three of us counted twice before agreeing that I had the exact number of stitches called for in the pattern. 

I check for the correct number of armhole decreases, and placed another lifeline. More counting by all three of us. Surprise! Two stitches shy of the number required by the pattern. I knew that 2 was the magic number because I had four stitches on the needles when I stopped knitting and I needed six! But where did I lose 2 stitches?? Back to the pattern. Reading it aloud to my friends, I found this line: next row (RS)

I had completely skipped over the M1k direction and went immediately to continue “until armhole measures” 7.5 inches. That error was confirmed when I checked my notes:



Now to reknit the last three inches – again! But first, M1k, twice!

The Trouble with Susan

Susan, the pattern, is troublesome!

This should have been my first clue.

But my Granddaughter loves this dress! I started with the back left panel and all went well through the CO, ribbing, shaping, armhole decreases and shoulder and neck bind offs, until —

Four stitches on the needle, but three rows to go including directions to BO 6 stitches! Of course I immediately assumed that I had made a mistake or two even though I took copious notes and thought I was meticulous in the execution of the directions. 

I checked the Internet for errata – nada! I even made sure I had the most recent version of the pattern – check! Then I started doing the math. 

At the last point that the necessary number of stitches is mentioned (36), I was right on target. I think. 

Then came the decreases. Here’s the line by line math:

With 36 sts on needles at correct armhole length:

“At the armhole edge, bind off 3(4-4-5-5) sts twice, bind off 3(4-4-4-4) sts once, then bind off 3(3,4,4,4) sts twice. AT THE SAME TIME, at neck edge bind off 10 sts once, bind off 6 sts once, bind off 2 sts once, then work even at neck edge until shoulder bind offs are complete. Fasten off.” (4-4-4-3-3=18 knit row stitches bound off; 10-6-2=18 purl row stitches bound off). Total number of stitches to bind off equals 36 – same number I’m supposed to have when the decreases start, so should work out. But it didn’t. 

Oh, oh, I feel a frog coming on!! Yikes!! And I thought it was the pattern — it’s me!

My knitting is troublesome!”


Monday Scoreboard (KAL)

In the Scoreboard KAL with Knit Purl Hunter and sponsored by Skacel, a knitter knits one round per point using the scores of a favorite team’s score to make a cowl. I’m knitting a Seahawks Cowl, so I knit with blue when the Seahawks score and with green when their opponent scores. I used 4 rows of gray to start the season and 2 rows of gray between games. Here’s the score pattern for yesterday’s loss to St. Louis 34 – 31 (that’s 65 rounds of knitting!):

I’m hoping next weeks’ game with Green Bay is a defensive dual with the Seahawks winning 7 – 3. Watch for next Monday’s post!