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The Solution to Susan

Yesterday I was determined to figure out where I when wrong with Susan! So I asked two of my knitting friends for help. Always good to get multiple views!


First, I put a life line in the row below the first armhole bindoffs. All three of us counted twice before agreeing that I had the exact number of stitches called for in the pattern. 

I check for the correct number of armhole decreases, and placed another lifeline. More counting by all three of us. Surprise! Two stitches shy of the number required by the pattern. I knew that 2 was the magic number because I had four stitches on the needles when I stopped knitting and I needed six! But where did I lose 2 stitches?? Back to the pattern. Reading it aloud to my friends, I found this line: next row (RS)

I had completely skipped over the M1k direction and went immediately to continue “until armhole measures” 7.5 inches. That error was confirmed when I checked my notes:



Now to reknit the last three inches – again! But first, M1k, twice!